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Brief History

Vectare describe themselves as a "dynamic transport solutions consultancy" but they also operate. Their website offers corporate and schools services, they have been active on some local services in the East Midlands and have in recent times gained services in Essex, nearby at Brentwood and between Waltham Cross and Epping (see route details below or on their website). They arrived in Harlow on 26th July 2021 with the assumption of long-standing ECC service 381, taking over from the local authority owned Ugobus. The service has since been renumbered 31. Vectare operate in Essex from locations at Rettendon Common and Wickford, the former used for the routes close to Brentwood, Harlow and Waltham Cross.

Vectare took over Gardner Travel of Chelmsford, who seem still to trade under that name.

As of March 2022, Vectare took over the Chemlsford Park and Ride services. After using 7 hired Enviro200MMCs in white, a dedicated fleet of brand new replacements in black have become the permanent replacements.

Vectare were awarded some HCC contracts in Ware and Hertford but elected not to take them up. The same thing then happened again with ECC awards for the 418 and 505 (Saturdays) from August 2022. This time they took up a belated start  effective 21 November 2022. A feature of Vectare operations is that some trimmings tend to appear to fully utilise the vehicle and driver, which in this case includes an extention of the 418 to North Weald and fill-in Saturday journeys on route 20 (Harlow to Passmores Academy). Another is th UK's shortest route, the 30, which is a means for the 31 driver to park up at St Margarets Hospital 2 minutes after arrival at Coopersale

Of the fleet shown below, many may not appear on the 31 or in Essex at all, but they are included for completeness.

Vectare did initially create a good impression but late running, vehicle failures and canecelletions due to staff shortages and sickness are now regular occurances, sadly often on routes without alternative options.

As of 24th August 2023 Vectare purchased Galleon Travel 2009 Limited, including both the bus operation under the Central Connect name and the coach services which use Galleon Travel. The announcement advises that Vectare's own operations at Rettendon Common may migrate to the Central Connect depots in time.  

WEBSITE:  (Note, parts of the local Essex site have out of date information).

Twitter: @VectareEssex

Current fleet list

Alexander-Dennis Enviro200MMC
The fleet was started with two examples (316/7 - YX16OBO/S) which originated with Abellio in London. After being sighted in service in Brentwood, early October saw both operate on the 381 (on different days, naturally). They are 24-seat variants and were single door from new. Both have since been moved to the Central Connect fleet.

A third example originated with Weavaway in Newbury, as is evident from the cherished registration number.

As of March 2022, Vectare took up the Chelmsford Park and Ride services and initiated them with no less than 7 further examples of the type (YX22OGJ to YX22OGP) from white dealer stock, which have now been replaced with 7 later examples in black (fleet number 307 onwards), which are branded for each of the separate services. 306 in company colours arrived at the same time. 

June 2022 saw the arrival of 314 (YX22OHA) in company colours, and a second example, 315 (YX22OHB) followed in July. 314 was then noted in July 2022 repainted black, bringing the dedicated Park and Ride fleet to 8.

November 2022 saw the entry into service of former CT Plus examples SN16OVM and SN16OVO, subsequently joined by OVP and OVR.  

In May 2023 320 suffered a serious RTA whilst on route 505. It reappeared in September 2023.

Vectare YX69NWB

The Weavaway colours carried by 305 (YX69NWB) could very easily could have lent themselves to being an equivalent to the Vectare minibus livery with no repaint needed at all, but instead this vehicle has now been repainted to Arriva Max in reverse. (R. Hudson)
    Vectare YX22OGR 306 (YX22OGR) is one of the brand new examples taken in to the main fleet, seen at Epping station on the 13 to Waltham Cross via Upshire. (R Hudson)
    Vectare YX22OGS 307 (YX22OGS) is the first of those dedicated to the Chelmsford P&R services and sporting a base black livery. The blue stripe carries the route branding for the Standon 701 route. Fleet numbers 308, 309 and 310 are similarly treated. (R Hudson)
    Vectare YX22OGY The same base black but with route  branding on a green background is used for the Chelmer Valley 702 service. Fleet number 312 (YX22OGY) is shown here. Fleet numbers 311, 313 and 314 are identical. (R Hudson)
    Vectare YX22OGW 311 escaped Park and Ride route 702 on 9th August and ventured out onto the 505, seen here at Harlow Bus Station. (R Hudson)
    Vectare YX22OHB Fleet number 315 (YX22OHB) returns us to Vectare's livery. (R Hudson)
    Vectare YX16OBO Arriving from Abellio London, 316 (YX16OBO) is at the nice green Blackmore terminus of the 61. It is shorter than the other fleet members. It entered service in red and received a repaint in November 2022. It has since moved across to the Central Connect fleet. (R Hudson)
    Vectare SN16OVM A number of former CT Plus examples found thier way to Vectare. SN16OVM was the first of these and is seen on the first day of Vectare's operation of the 418. The bus initially carried fleet number 321 but this was later changed to 318. (R Hudson) 
    Vectare SN16OVP 320 (SN16OVP) is seen in Harlow on the 31. (R Hudson)

Mercedes Benz Sprinter/EVM Cityline
Local bus operations started with vehicles from this fleet. Although Sprinters are not always seen as proper buses, and the 381 (as was) may well have suffered under Unobus given what was presented, a smart livery and decent destination displays, coupled with reliable operation, should be going some way to closing the gap under Vectare. These minibuses were the dominant type in the early days, gradually building to a fleet of 7. They did then seem, around summer 2022, to wane in popularity as the Enviro200MMCs took hold, but now seem shared widely across the operations in Bingham, Leicester and Essex. All are shown here for completeness. Those in grey are operating Central Connect services.



Vectare WN69FYL

Fleet number 200 shows the early silver and 2-tone blue livery, captured in October 2022. (R Hudson)
    Vectare RX20RJV Fleet number 201 in the days when the service was still numbered 381 showing the full offside image. (R Hudson)
    Vectare WV20VDG Fleet number 202 shows the nearside including proper bus entrance doors, a step forward from the Ugobus days. (R Hudson)
    Vectare RX70SKZ Fleet numbers 203 to 204 are identical, as shown on the latter, here. (R Hudson)  
    Vectare RE70EZU Fleet number 205, for good measure, also shown at Harlow Bus Station. (R Hudson)
    Vectare RX71TGK Fleet number 206 looks a little different, livery-wise. Still quite striking but simpler. (R Hudson)
    Vectare RX23TUV July 2023 saw the arrival of 2 new members of the fleet. RX23TUV is in plain white and was seen here on 11th on the 31. It tracks on as number 217 (R Hudson).
    Vectare RX23TUW July 2023 also saw the first sighting of logo'd and fleet numbered, but still white-based, 218 (RX23TUW). It is seen on 22nd July on the Saturday 20. Together with 219 (RX23TUY) it has now received Vectare minibus livery. (R Hudson)
    Vectare RX23TKV A number of the latest sigtings (September 2023) are again in white with logos, being 208, 214 and 215. The second of those is shown here. (R Hudson)
    Vectare RX23TVE But then a return to livery with 221 (RX23TVE), also a September 2023 arrival. (R Hudson)
    Vectare RX23TVF And similarly with sister 222 (RX23TVF) noted in service on 13 November 2023. (R Hudson)

Ford Transit

Vectare EN16WKT

. (R. Hudson)

Mercedes O815D/Sitcar C29F
This coach carries the livery of Gardner Travel, being a sort of sand yellow wit large fleet name in script and a few blue flag shapes. It has been seen on driver relief duties at Waltham Cross and on rail replacement services



Scania K360EB4/Irizar i6
This coach appears on rail replacements and on school services. It is in all silver.



Route List

Within Harlow:
20 Brays Grove (Passmores Academy) to Harlow Bus Station. Two journeys each way on Monday to Friday (commercial feeder to/from other routes). 6 return journeys on Saturdays (filler between trips on route 505).
30 Coopersale to Epping (St Margaret's Hospital). 3 short return journeys between operations on main route 31.
31 Coopersale to Harlow. ECC contract service. PVR = 1 (for 20/30/31 combined).
505 Harlow (Templefields) to Waltham Abbey (all days) and Waltham Cross (Monday to Friday). ECC contract. Every 2 hours.

Outside Harlow (but still in Essex):

13/13A/13C - Waltham Cross to Epping (St Margaret's Hospital) via Upshire. Apx. hourly, Mon-Sat. Peak hour/evening
journeys extended to/from North Weald (incl. Sats).
14/14B - Waltham Cross to Upshire. 9 return journeys outside school times, Mon-Fri. On Saturdays, 3 short return journeys Waltham Abbey to Upshire only.
18 - Epping to North Weald (apx 6 journeys, one journey to/from Ongar.
22 - Waltham Cross to Ninefields South (Sherbroke Road). 1 full an 2 Waltham Abbey short return journeys Mon-Fri, full hourly service throughout on Saturdays. 
61/61A/61C - Brentwood to Blackmore, Apx. hourly, Mon-Sat. 1 early late/ positioning journey to/from Chelmsford. 
418 - North Weald (peaks and Saturdays) and Epping (St. Margarets Hospital) to Loughton Station. ECC contract. Apx. every 2 hours Mon-Sat.
701 - Chelmsford (Parkway) - Sandon Park & Ride
702 - Chelmsford (Anglia Ruskin Uni & Parkway) - Chelmer Valley Park & Ride

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