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Go-ahead London, a significant part of a major group, visits Harlow twice a day on Monday to Saturdays, when commercial service 575 runs one return journey to the town. The route has been operating for a good few years, but is now a shadow of the 3-5 journeys to Romford (not all to/from Harlow) that once were provided.

Operationally the service is linked with Essex County Council school service 804 between Debden and Chigwell, and for that reason a double deck bus normally features. During school holidays and on Saturdays when the 804 does not operate the 575 still does, and at these times single deck buses have been known to operate.

Go-ahead have a Commercial Services Department which is separate from the main London operations. The department has its own vehicles, which are of course not required to be all-over red, and many are not. Other operations besides the 575/804 undertaken include things like Wimbledon Tennis and other special events services, private hires, school contracts and railway replacement work. 

Below are illustrations of some operations that have occurred are which are still possible based on the vehicle remaining on the Commercial Services fleet and based at Rainham.

Scania N230/Omniciti

Goahead YT59DYS

Paper number in the window for former Metrobus 970, seen in October 2016 in Harlow Bus Station. (R Hudson).

Scania N94/East Lancs Omnidekka
Regular on the route of late is one-time Metrobus vehicles which features white on black LED displays.

London General YN56FEF

Clearly showing most of the old Metrobus name, 945, the old Metrobus fleet number, illustrates the white on black LED display. (R Hudson).

Scania N230/Optare Olympus
Summer 2014 saw this new type of vehicle start service on the 575.  This type spent the first 5 years of its Go-ahead life in service with Metrobus in London, but many have been rendered surplus there by some recent tender losses. Note that 879 is officially allocated to Croydon.

Goahead PN09EKU

Departing on the now once-a-day service to Romford is 872. (R Hudson).

Dennis Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer 2
When a single deck vehicle is used on the 575 then this is the regular.

London General Y986TGH

Blinds options would appear to be limited when this vehicle is used on the 575. The vehicle has since been painted white with a lilac band around the middle. (R Hudson).


Volvo B7TL/Plaxton President
Vehicles from this part of the fleet were what was normally found on the 575 for some time. Just one or two seems likely to reappear.


London General Y819TGH

PVL223 leaving Harlow Bus Station showing the LED featured on many vehicles in the commercial fleet. (R Hudson).


AEC Routemaster
The 575's extension to Harlow was celebrated on one day during the first two weeks by the appearance of RM9. Go-ahead own 5 Routemasters in total, the other 4 being of the RML type. All are based at New Cross.

RM9 with full blinds on 28th November 2012, drafted in for the purpose. (R Hudson).

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