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The old Blue Triangle company of long standing had two distinct types of operation, being the main bus operation side concentrating on TfL and Essex County contract services, and then there was the heritage fleet services comprising hires and special operations. The former part was sold to Go-ahead an continues as a successful operation, whilst the latter has been retained in private ownership as The London Bus Company.

The London Bus Company, and it's predecessors, have some history with operations at Harlow, starting as long ago as when Swifts and Merlins operated the Sunday 500, then between Romford and Harlow. There have also been other occasional special operations into the country. At present there is something of a regular operation which works in conjunction with the Epping Ongar Railway. The railway doesn't quite reach Epping in fact, and so a heritage bus services makes the link, using the traditional 339 number. A separate 396 has made a direct link to Harlow for the summer.

Below are a few pictures of the various vehicles and operations. This page is not a comprehensive representation of the fleet at this stage. For more details of vehicles and operations see the operators website.

AEC Routemaster
Better known to everyone as the RM type. Vehicles feature traditional London Transport central or country area liveries.  
RM1966 ALD966B

RM1966 is seen on the 339 at Epping.  (R Hudson).


AEC Regal IV
Better known to everyone as the RF type.
RF180 MLL567

Route 381 provides trips around the more rural locations situated in the Epping area.  (R Hudson).


AEC Regent III
Better known to everyone as the RT type, and again featuring period liveries.
RT3228 KYY967

A 2012 and 2013 operation was a direct connection between the railway and Harlow, operating as the 396. RT3228 has just arrived at Harlow Bus Station.  (R Hudson).
RT3871 LLU670 London Bus Company RT3871 (LLU670) At Epping is a central area liveried example. (R Hudson).
RT1700 KYY527 London Bus Co RT1700 (KYY527) Also on the 396, with period advert for Fishpools  of Waltham Cross. (R Hudson).
RTL1076 LUC253 The Leyland version, also at Epping on the 339. (R Hudson).
RT3062 KXW171 London Bus Co RT3062 (KXW171)  



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