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STOP PRESS: LCB's services have now ceased operating again after 6th April 2019.

LCB Travel
started stage carriage bus operation on 1st September 2009, taking over the ECC contract for the Monday to Friday Bus Station to Milwards ZIP service. The ZIP service had suffered some reductions during it's time under Arriva, but one such reduction was reversed when LCB introduced a commercial Saturday morning service from 1st August 2010.

The next development in August 2011 was more significant with the introduction of a second and this time fully commercial service. Route LCB1 started and provided an hourly off-peak link between some of Harlow's southern areas and the Old Harlow, Queensgate and Templefields to the north via the bus station. Shortly after introduction of the service, a full sized bus was obtained in the form of a Mini Pointer Dart, since departed.

The next route development followed quickly, with the LCB2 commencing on 19th September 2011, initially linking Church Langley with the bus station serving some other localities along the way, it then altered focus to Maddox Road and Bush Fair. An Optare Alero became the regular on the route, since departed.

Following changes to Arriva Network Harlow services earlier in 2014, and some operational issues, the commercial services became sporadic but are now running again, although the exact routing and timetable cannot be determined. The only certainty is that the operation is not what is registered or shown on Traveline!

In spring this year, license issues caused all 3 services to cease for a few weeks. They gradually resumed with all 3 operating again from 16 April. 

Below are the vehicles regularly operating the Harlow town routes:

Ford Transit
The original all-purpose pre-minibus-era minibus is of course the Ford Transit. Many have seen service at various times with LCB. Many colours have been noted and, for now the regular operational fleet of 3 is normally sourced from the 4 examples below, sporting 4 different colours between them. 
LCB CX60XSW This vehicle, as the branding suggests, is now the regular  for the ZIP service. (R Hudson)
  AJ12ETK LCB AJ12ETK Although spotted here in December 2018 on the ZIP service, AJ12ETK, a  Tourneo Trend model of the Transit range, is more often on the LCB1 or LCB2. (R Hudson)
  EN10YNW Arriva LCB EN10YNW The most recent new observation on town routes is EN10YNW. It is also a regular on the LCB1 or LCB2, although has of late (Feb 2019) been superseded by the vehicle below. (R Hudson)
Arriva LC BHJ60ONA A February 2019 arrival and now regular performer on town routes. (R Hudson)

Below are other vehicles which have been seen operating in the past. They are not part of the current operational town centre fleet and may or may not still be operational or in the fleet at all.

Ford Transit
  LB60LCB This black Ford Transit Tourneo has also seen service on town routes. (R Hudson)
  EF08CXG LCB EF08CXG First noted at the start of 2018 is EF08CXG. (R Hudson)

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