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Brief History

Galleon Travel, with the bus fleet trading as Trustybus, emerged from the Logic Bus operations that were started on 26th March 2012. That start was when route L3 was introduced to run between Harlow and Hammond Street, competing over much of its length with Centrebus C3, which was later taken over by Roadrunner.  Harlow local service 1 to Sumners & Katherines was later initiated, again competing with RoadRunner. This situation was resolved in June  2013 when a revised C3/C3A service was left to replace most of the former L3 and Roadrunner C3 route whilst the Sumners and Katherines route was left to Roadrunner. The 410 route today is the direct successor of this operation.

The Galleon private hire operation is a remnant of the original Trustline operation which wasn't sold to Centrebus.

In May 2013 the company took over Hertford to Bishops Stortford service 351 on short notice tender from Roadrunner. Further tender success saw the company take over the 541/2/3 and 392 routes from September 2013, and retain the 351.

Expansion in 2015 saw the takeover of many Cheshunt area locals, the introduction of a Sunday service on the 410 together with a 311 replacement as 411. Then from 16th November, a major challenge to incumbent Townlink with an 8-vehicle Harlow - Epping - Ongar service, 419/420. The Cheshunt services have been given up but the Epping and Ongar services, expanded to incorporate the 541, were won after a hard fought battle.

Vehicle policy seems to have a very significant ex-London component. Early examples were low cost low floor Dart/Pointers which gradually gave way to slightly newer next generation replacements, often Scania's. A few iterations of fleet livery have evolved, usually applied in a way which is sensitive to the body style of the vehicle. Due to the high volume of turnover in the fleet, previous operator colours have always been a quite significant component of what is presented. The most recent change is the launch of the Central Connect name and adapted colours for the 420/420 services.

The vehicles shown below are those in relatively recent operation. Many others may be stored, withdrawn or awaiting sale. 


Current fleet list

Scania Omniciti N230UD
Arriving in April 2019, former London United SP146 (YP59OEE) entered service in all-red, dual-doored and with no working destination display. This, it transpires, was a trial which led to an order of 12 being placed, 10 of which are for use on the 420/420A, which is being rebranded Central Connect in the process. It was joined by sister vehicle YP59OET on 3rd June but the entry into service of YP59OES and then YP59OEV showed the future image. Others have followed. It is assumed that the original loaner has now returned.


Trustybus YP59OEE

First of it's kind, YP59OEE, which is former London United SP146, is seen in service on route 420A in April 2019. We believe this vehicle may no longer be in operation with Trustybus. (R Hudson).
Trustybus YP59OET This time with a working LED display, YP59OET. (R Hudson)
    Trustybus YP59OES The new image with Central Connect (and no Trustybus) name, with more blue and no yellow and route branding above the upper-deck windows. (R Hudson)
    Trustybus YP59OES The offside view. (R Hudson)
    Trustybus YP59OES Note that dual doors are retained and that the colour LEDs use white for destinations but a different colour for each of the 420 and 420A. (R Hudson) 
    Trustybus YP59OES You can just make out the scrolling text on the rear display, which really doesn't work on a display that wasn't designed for it. (R Hudson)

Scania N94UB/East Lancs Esteem
Following on from a trio of Alexander-Dennis London-Spec examples of the Esteem acquired ex-Quality Line in 2014, summer 2018 saw 4 examples of similar bodied vehicles on Scania chassis. These, also ex-London, are former Metrobus vehicles. They retain dual doors. One only may remain in the fleet, if any.


Trustybus YM55SXB Full London condition for YM55SXB (since withdrawn) sitting at Harlow Bus Station on the 424, according to the paper in the front windscreen.  (R Hudson).

Dennis Dart SLF/Alexander Pointer
First noted in service in February 2019, this vehicle brings back the class which has seen so many examples come and go through the years, and fact started off what was then the Logic Bus operation.


Trustybus SN55HSG Full Bournemouth yellow with added silver when entering service. What Buzz might have looked like, had it survived, perhaps.  (R Hudson).

Dennis Dart SLF/East Lancs Mylennium
An unusual chassis/body combination, unusual livery and unusual previous operation. Dedicated to the "quay connect" service operated by Blue Star Southampton, at some point the regular blue livery. although with suitable branding, was replaced by this advertising livery for Red Funnel, the ferry service to which the operation connected.


Trustybus PE55WPP Passengers in Harlow Bus Station will be used to unusual liveries, although I suspect this would turn heads.  (R Hudson).

Scania L94UB/Wright Solar
Arriving in Summer 2017, 6 Scanias with Wright bodywork. Two further examples from the same batch (YN05WKD and WKE) then followed, after which others have since joined.


Trustybus YN04GNU

Looking striking at Harlow Bus Station, YN04GNU in its early days in service. (R Hudson).
    Trustybus YN05WKC YN05WKC, at least, entered service in Stagecoach colours and with non-functioning LED display. (R Hudson). 

Scania Omniciti
A batch of 11 vehicles previously owned and operated by Go-Ahead Metrobus and used on London route 358 were delivered and entered service between October and December 2015. All retain dual doors, have been fitted with LED displays on front, side and rear and had been refurbished at Ensignbus before entering service. Full new livery is carried on the whole fleet. They are principally used on routes 420/A. RXF carries a super rear advert for renowned local chippy Mr Luigi, based at The Stow.

In April 2016 2 further examples joined, being RXO and RXV. There are in plain red livery for the time being. Most although not all vehicles carry the fleet numbers.

Following a gap while other types were being added to the fleet, there then arrived in January 2018 another 2 similar but later vehicles, this time single-doored and with coloured LED displays.

Next, in January 2019, two further examples on the CN94UB variant of the chassis arrived. These both carry unusual liveries, as illustrated.

With the arrival of the Omniciti N230D double decks, most of this fleet are expected to be retired. Some have gone and any marked * below are believed to have been stood down.





Trustybus YN53RXG

A new livery style was been initiated with the introduction of this fleet, as seen on TB RXG, seen advertising low fares during the period during which Trustybus and Townlink were competing on the Harlow - Epping - Ongar corridor.
(R Hudson).
    Trustybus YN53RXH
Showing the nearside aspect and fleet name and branding application is TB RXH (R Hudson).
    Trustybus YN53RXV The "as received" versions are nothing like as striking. Doing well but showing its age is "RXV" (R Hudson).
    Trustybus YN56NNE The two more recent additions, with the coloured LED and single door configuration are illustrated by YN56NNE at Harlow Bus Station.  (R Hudson)
    Trustybus YN04GMV One of the January 2019 arrivals, YN04GMV entered service with cherished registration 5480WY, although that was changed in the first week. The bus carries the name Brian Horner on the front nearside panel. I doubt a Scania Omniciti ever carried the poppy red livery in NBC days, but it sits quite well on this body. (R. Hudson).
    Trustybus YN04GMX An even greater departure from usual fleet livery is YN04GMX, the other January 2019 arrival. (R Hudson)  

Dennis or Transbus Trident/Alexander ALX400
Arriving in summer 2015 was the first '03 registered and Dennis-badged example of this combination. Further  examples arrived at the end of 2015, badged Dennis or Transbus. These vehicles are from a fleet used by First in London and are of the extra long variety, the extra half-bay in the middle being the clear giveaway. LX03BVW was for a time registered PSU316. X336NNO is a relatively recent acquisition.


Trustybus PSU316

The red livery and single-door conversion are evident in this view of PSU316. (R Hudson).
Trustybus  LX04FXP2

Transbus or Alexander-Dennis Mini Pointer Dart
When Roadrunner ran the Bishop Stortford local 7/7A services they used a pair of Mini Pointer Darts in red livery. Trustybus had essentially reproduced that situation with the acquisition of SN03YBK and YBS, although further examples have also since been acquired and used on the route. 

Trustybus SN03YBK

A miserable day sees SN03YBK, one of three (the others are SN03YBS and KC03PGU) Transbus-badged former examples, waiting time at the also quite miserable Bishops Stortford Interchange.  (R Hudson)
    Trustybus SN54GPV SN54GPV is an Alexander-Dennis badged example, also ex-Metrobus, and sits at Harlow Bus Station. (R Hudson)
    Trustybus HW54BUJ Another Alexander-Dennis badged example is HW54BUJ, this time one of 2 from a different source. (R. Hudson)
    Trustybus HW54BTZ In the splendor of fresh fleet colours, HW54BTZ is parked up. (R. Hudson)
    Trustybus KC03PGU Plain white for the most recent arrival. KC03PGU is on Bishops Stortford local services 7/7A. (R Hudson)

Optare Solo
The Optare Solo is not a type that has featured strongly in any Trustybus fleet, past or present. Arriving in November 2015, V679FEL once of Wilts and Dorset, broke the embargo, but has since left.

Two former 2005 vintage Stagecoach M850's were acquired in February 2018 and remain active. Later third and fourth examples arrived in summer 2019, sporting the recently launched Central Connect colours, one being an M950.

Trustybus SF05NXD

The former Stagecoach examples both carry the upward swirls fleet livery. (R Hudson)
  YJ07EGE Trustybus YJ07EGE The M950, clearly showing the extra half bay and rather more subtle livery. (R Hudson)
  AE06TWN Trustybus AE06TWN The M850 in the latest livery at Harlow Bus Station. (R Hudson)


Route List

Within Harlow:
5 Harlow Bus Station to Sumners Farm. Mon-Sat off peak ECC contract. PVR = 0 (vehicle sourced from other services)
14 Harlow Bus Station to Little Parndon/Pinnacles - Mon-Sat peak hours ECC contract. PVR = 1 
410 Harlow to Waltham Cross - commercial service, hourly, Mon-Sat with additional Mon-Fri hourly service Harlow to Brookfield Centre . PVR = apx. 6
505 Harlow to Chingford - 6 return journeys, ECC supported service, Saturdays only. PVR = 1
418B Harlow to Loughton, hourly, evenings only, Mon-Sat.
420/420A Harlow to Epping, North Weald and Ongar. Every 15 minutes Harlow to North Weald, every 30 minutes on to Ongar.   - regular commercial service  PVR = apx. 10

Outside Harlow:

7/7A/7B/7C - Bishops Stortford to Stansted local services.
351 Bishops Stortford to Hertford via Hunsden and Ware. Hourly peaks, 2-hourly off-peaks, HCC contract service. PVR = 2
386 Bishops Stortford to Buntingford - school service, schooldays, PVR = 1

242 - Waltham Cross to Potters Bar/Welwyn Garden City, HCC contract service, Sundays.
418 - Epping (St Margaret's Hospital) to Loughton, Mon-Sat, every 2 hours. PVR = 1

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