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14th October 2017


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Changes Ahead

29th October 2017

Route 575 (Harlow to Romford, 1 return journey, Mon-Sat)

Saturday service withdrawn.

Recent History

1st September 2017.

Route 87 (Harlow and Epping)

27th August 2017

Following the most recent round of ECC tendering, a number of changes are expected:

Route 5 (Harlow to Little Parndon/Pinnacles) - renumbered 14
Route 5 (Harlow to Sumners Farm) - transferred from Arriva to Trustybus
Routes 47 and 147 (Harlow to Ongar/Toot Hill) - Withdrawn in current for and replaced by a community bus.
Route 418B (Harlow to Loughton) - Sunday service transferred from Trustybus to Arriva (no change to Trustybus weekday services)
Evening routes 1B/2/3/4/6A/8A/10 - restructured to better follow the daytime pattern as 1/2/3/4/6/8/10.
Sunday routes 4/10/11/12 - transferred from Regal to Arriva and restructured to better follow weekday pattern as 1/2/4/6/8/10.

Routes 380/1/2 - consolidated as a standardised route 381 operating between Harlow and Coopersale only (withdrawn from Toothill and Ongar). Transferred from Regal to Community Transport.

25th July 2017

Route 575 (Harlow to Romford, 1 return journey, Mon-Sat) will once again extend from Romford to the coast during the school holidays. This year journeys to Southend will operate on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. On Wednesdays and Fridays buses will instead run to Clacton-on-Sea.

5th June 2017

Route 59
Route extended within Chelmsford to Anglia Ruskin University.

Town routes
Minor changes, often reductions to early or late journeys, on routes  1, 2/3, 4, 5, 8 and 10.

28th April 2017

Route 391 (Harlow to Bumbles Green via Roydon Hamlet, Mon-Fri, 1 return journey)
Last day of operation - withdrawn without replacement

Route 410A
(Harlow to Waltham Cross via Hunsdon, Mon-Fri, 6/7 journeys)
Last day of operation - replaced with equivalent standard route 410 journeys from the following Monday

10th April 2017

Route 424 (Harlow to Hertford, hourly Mon-Sat)
Frequency increased to half-hourly and hourly Sunday service introduced.

3rd April 2017

Route 86 
(Harlow to Waltham Cross via Sumners/Katherines and Nazeing)
Some peak journeys and the whole Saturday service withdrawn from Sumners and Katherines. One morning peak journey in each direction and the whole Saturday service withdrawn from Nazeing and renumbered 86A.

13th March 2017

Route 724 (Harlow to Heathrow Airport, hourly Mon-Sat, every 2 hours Sundays)
Additional hourly journeys introduced between Harlow and Hertford on Mon-Sat

8th March 2017

Routes 87 and 287
(Epping & Harlow via Sumners/Katherines, Mon-Sat. Half hourly Mon-Fri peaks, additional hourly journeys Harlow to Sumners/Katherines Mon-Fri off-peaks)
Route 287 withdrawn after this date. Route 87 diverted via Stewards and Parsloe Road after Sumners/Katherines instead of Tylers Cross (double runs from Staple Tye to Sumners/Katherines in both directions) 

4th January 2017

New Route CT392
Epping Forest Community Transport will provide a new Monday to Friday service between Tylers Cross and Hoddesdon Rye Park via Broxbourne. Details to follow.

3rd January 2017

Route 505 (Trustybus, Harlow to Chingford, Mon-Sat, 6/7 journeys)
Monday to Friday commercial service withdrawn, Saturday ECC supported service continues.

23rd December 2016

Route 392 (Trustybus, Harlow Town Station to Rye Park, Mondays to Fridays, Hourly)
Service withdrawn.

Route 410/410A (Harlow to Waltham Cross, half hourly Mon-Fri, hourly Sats and Suns. Apx. 7 journeys each way via Hunsdon on Mon-Fri (route 410A).
Hunsdon journeys reduced to rush hours only. Sunday service withdrawn.

17th December 2016

Route 87
(EOS, Harlow to Epping, Mon-Sat, every 15 mins, extended Sundays to Waltham Cross via Upshire, Hourly)
Reduced to Mondays to Saturdays, Harlow to Epping. Every 30 minutes Monday to Friday rush hours, hourly at other times.

New Route 287 
Harlow Bus Station to Sumners and Katherines via Staple Tye Shopping Centre, Mon-Fri off-peaks, every hour. Effectively additional route 87 short journeys so as to provide a combined 2 buses per hour through the day within Harlow.

1st September 2016

Route 86
(EOS, Harlow to Waltham Cross via Upshire, Mon-Sat, Hourly)
Routing back from Waltham Cross to Harlow standardised to follow inward routing via Ninefields and Upshire.

Route 87 (EOS, New Route)
Harlow to Epping Station via Staple Tye, Sumners and Katherines, Epping Green. Daily. Extended Sundays to Ivy Chimneys, Upshire, Waltham Abbey, Waltham Cross. Approximately every 20 minutes on Mondays to Saturdays, hourly Sundays.

8th August 2016

Route 8 (Old Harlow Circular)
Between Harlow Bus Station and The Stow diverted via First Avenue instead of Maddox Road to approach Minchen Road from the north of Howard Way instead of the south.

Route 9 (Harlow Bus Station and Potter Street)
Off-peak service diverted via Maddox Road and Howard Way (south section) in both directions. These journeys renumbered 9A.

2nd July 2016

Route 86
(EOS, Harlow to Waltham Abbey and Upshire, Mon-Sat, Hourly).
Rerouted to also serve Waltham Cross so will operate Harlow, Waltham Abbey, Upshire, Ninefields North, Waltham Abbey, Waltham Cross, Waltham Abbey then direct back to Harlow.

mid-June (exact date unknown)

Route X10 (Regal, Bishops Stortford to London)
Service withdrawn.

13th June 2016

Route 424 (Harlow to Hertford via Stanstead Abbotts and Ware)
Diverted away from Stanstead Abbotts to operated direct via A414.

6th June 2016
Sunday routes 4, 11 and 12 will see timetable changes. An allowance for additional running time will see the loss of full all-day clock-face regular services and a small reduction in the number of journeys provided on each route.

31st May 2016

9th May 2016

Routes 390 and 391 (Harlow Town Station or Bus Station to Bumbles Green (391) or Upshire (390))
Timetable change including withdrawal of the 390 variation. Remaining service reverts to one return journey from Bumbles Green to Harlow, inward times earlier on school holidays. Outward times earlier on  Mon/Wed/Fri, later on Tue/Thur, both schooldays and school holidays!

10th April 2016

Routes 2 and 3 (Staple Tye Circle to Harlow Bus Station. Certain journeys during peak hours, evenings and on Sundays extended to Harlow Town Station)
Monday to Friday off-peak frequency reduced from every 12 to every 15 minutes. Monday to Saturday service withdrawn from Hare Street (Haydens Road) and diverted instead via Harberts Road. No change to evening ECC-supported service which continues operating via Haydens Road. Note that route 5 continues to serve Haydens Road during Monday to Saturday daytime.

Route 4 (Latton Bush to Harlow Bus Station, certain journeys during peak hours, evenings and on Sundays extended to Harlow Town Station)
Monday to Friday Peak hour service withdrawn between to Harlow Bus Station and Harlow Town Station. No change to ECC-supported evening/Sunday service which continues to serve Harlow Town Station. Note that route 392 will serve Harlow Town Station from the Latton Bush/Bush Fair area during Monday to Saturday daytime. 

Route 5
(Sumners Farm to Little Parndon, Monday to Saturday, peak hours service extended to Pinnacles - most Pinnacles journeys are separate and start from Harlow Bus Station)
The Monday to Saturday peak-hour ECC-supported journeys between Pinnacles and Harlow Bus Station transferred from Arriva to Trustybus. Remaining Arriva service withdrawn between Harlow and Little Parndon or Pinnacles.

Route 6
(Harlow Bus Station to Church Langley via Maddox Road, The Stow, Momples Road, Old Harlow, Harlowbury, and New Hall, Monday to Friday off-peaks and Saturdays).
Existing service withdrawn. Replacement service via Maddox Road, The Stow, Momples Road will be on route 8. Replacement service via New Hall and Church Langley will be on Trustybus route 418.

Route 6
New service, Monday to Saturday off-peak only, Harlow Bus Station, Town Station, Little Parndon, Princess Alexandra Hospital and return to Harlow Bus Station. Every 30 minutes, one direction only.

Route 7
(Harlow Bus Station to Churchgate Street via Maddox Road, The Stow (shops), Momples Road, Old Harlow and Harlowbury).
Existing service withdrawn. A replacement service will be operated by Epping Forest Community Transport using the number HSB01: Churchgate Street then calling at Fitzwilliams Court, Old Harlow Town, Old Harlow Post Office, the Aldi Superstore on First Avenue, School Lane, the Leah Manning Centre, Princess Alexandra Hospital and terminating at Harlow Bus Station. The service will run 4 times per day on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Route 8  (Harlow Bus Station and Old Harlow Priory Avenue/Old Road circular via First Avenue)
This service will be diverted to serve Maddox Road, The Stow (shops) and Momples Road instead of First Avenue. Frequency reduced from every 10 minutes to every 30 minutes.

Route 10 (Harlow Town Station and Church Langley)
Monday to Saturday daytime frequency reduced from every 15 minutes to every 20 minutes.

Route 59
(Harlow Bus Station to Chelmsford Bus Station)
The Sunday service will transfer from Arriva to First Essex, returning that operator to the town. There will be some additional journeys.

Route 322
(Old Harlow to Saffron Walden, single return school journey)
Route and timetable revised. The route will no longer serve Great Hallingbury.

Route 347 (Harlow to Hatfield Broad Oak, 3 return journeys)
Reduced to operate 3 days per week: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Routes 392/393
(Harlow & Hoddesdon circular)
Route reverts to a standard route running both ways between Harlow Town Station and Rye Park via Harlow Bus Station, Bush Fair, Nazeing and Broxbourne under the 392 number.

Routes 410/410A/410
(Harlow to Waltham Cross, Holdbrook Estate)
A new timetable will be introduced with service levels similar to now, essentially 2 buses every hour on Mondays to Fridays, and hourly on Saturdays and Sundays. Certain journeys on Mondays to Fridays will continue as route 410A and additionally serve Hunsdon. Journeys which were previously numbered 410X and omitted Brookfield Centre will now operate as either 410 or 410A. The 410X number will no longer be used.

Route 418/418A/418B
New Trustybus services replacing existing ECC route 541.
Route 418 will operate from Loughton to Epping via existing route 541 and then continue to Harlow via Thornwood, Potter Street, Church Langley, New Hall and Old Harlow. Monday to Saturday, hourly.
Route 418A will provide additional journeys on route 418 between Epping and Harlow, except that buses will not deviate via St Margaret's Hospital in Epping.
Route 418B will be the existing evening and Sunday 541, Loughton to Epping and Harlow via Potter Street and Brays Grove (Tillwicks Road).

Routes 419/420/421 (Harlow to Epping or Ongar)
Revisions to Trustybus services as follows:
Route 419 will continue as now (Harlow to Epping via North Weald).
Route 420 will continue as now during Monday to Friday off-peaks and on Saturdays only. (Harlow to Ongar via Epping and North Weald).
Route 421 will operate during Monday to Friday peak hours between Epping and Ongar via North Weald. The service between Epping and Harlow via Thornwood during peak hours will be on routes 418 and 418A.

Route 501 (Harlow to Ongar via Epping, Sundays, 2-hourly).
This route will transfer from Arriva to NIBS, bringing a new operator to the town.

New route 508. Routes 509/510 (Harlow to Stansted Airport).
Route 508 will operate every 30 minutes on Monday to Saturday daytimes following the existing route between Harlow and Bishops Stortford and then serving Takeley before Stansted Airport.
Routes 509 and 510 will continue at the same service levels as now on Mondays to Saturdays providing a combines service every 10 minutes. On Sundays route 510 will be increased from hourly to every 30 minutes.
Note: There are related changes to routes 308/309 between Bishops Park and Stansted Airport.

Routes 542/543 (Loughton and Debden circulars)
Although not a Harlow service, this route presently operated by Trustybus will transfer to NIBS as routes 542/542A with some variation in routing.

New Route HSB01
Please see under route 7 above

2nd April 2016

Route 21 (Ongar to Brentwood)
This link service which provides an onward connection to and from Ongar will have a revised timetable with later journeys. Separate evening service 21A will no longer operate.

1st April 2016

Route 66A (Harlow to Waltham Abbey & Upshire).
This service will be renumbered to route 86. A revised timetable will be introduced.

27th March 2016

Route 301 (Bishops Stortford to Saffron Walden)
This route operated by Stephensons of Essex, replacing the involvement of Arriva Harlow with the service.

25th March 2016

Route 901 (Harlow Bus Station to Passmores Academy via Water Lane)
This service will be withdrawn after operation on 24th March 2016.

27th February 2016

New route 9
New route by Arriva Harlow. Harlow Bus Station to Potter Street via Second Avenue, Tumbler Road, Traceys Toad, Clock Tower, Potter Street, Southern Way, Traceys Road and return. Every 20 minutes Monday to Saturday. Replaces part of Townlink T15.

New route 424
New route by Trustybus. Harlow to Hertford via Stanstead Abbotts and Ware, Monday to Saturday, Hourly.

26th February 2016

Routes 19, 20, 524, 524A, T15 (Townlink) R1 (Roadrunner) 741 (Olympian).
All services withdrawn after operation on this day.

1st February 2016

New Route X10

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