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Brief History

NIBS are a Wickford (Essex) based independent operator of many years. They have for some time specialised in a combination of schools services and ECC tendered bus operation. Traditionally these operations have been within reasonably close proximity of their base, however in the round of ECC tendering which took effect from 10th April 2016 they took over route 46 (Ongar to Chelmsford) and, reaching Harlow for the first time, Sunday route 501 (Ongar to Harlow). The 501 service ran for the last time on 25th March 2018, replaced by the introduction of Trustybus commercial route 420 over the same route from the next day the service was due to operate (Good Friday, 30th April 2018).



Current fleet list

Wright Streetlight WF
The first day of operation on the 501 by NIBS saw a door-forward Wright Streetlight in operation in the guise of MX11CZR. A second has since been sighted and is also shown below.


Normal NIBS fleet livery is red and yellow, however a white bus which was not shown on the official fleet list was used on the first day. (R Hudson)
    NIBS MX61BCE Identical vehicle 61 in the same place on the same route, but this time sporting the NIBS livery. (R Hudson)

Optare Solo M880SL
Also noted in service on occasions, a vehicle in fleet livery. The Niblet name shown reflects a time when minibus services typically carried their own brand.



Also on the Sunday 501, departing from the bus station. (R Hudson)

Alexander-Dennis Dart SLF/Pointer
Again fleet livery, but this time with standard fleet name, reflecting the full-sized nature of the vehicle.



Once again on the Sunday 501, departing from the bus station. (R Hudson)

A full fleet list is displayed on the company website.

Route List

Within Harlow:
501 Harlow to Ongar - ECC contract service, every 2 hours, Sundays. PVR = 1

Outside Harlow:

(See Bus Times link on company website)

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