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Brief History

Epping Forest Community Transport (EFCT) are a registered charity specialising in minibus transport for those who have difficulty with transport and in the voluntary sector. Much of what they do is with volunteer drivers. Their website covers this in more detail. 

EFCT have been involved in bus service provision on the fringe of our area for a while with a small network of mainly isolated occasional but scheduled links in the Hoddesdon and Epping area. They came to mainstream operation when they successfully won the ECC contract to operate the 347 (Harlow to Hatfield Broad Oak) on 4th November 2014. The 347 has always had a very high "per passenger support cost" meaning that when funding cuts were being considered it was always a strong candidate for a cut, and it is likely that this would have taken place in April 2016, except that EFCT altered the service to a 3 days per week operation. This coincided with the introduction of route HSB01 (and later addition HSB02) with replaced part of Arriva local route 7 from Churchgate Street. This also operates 3 days per week.

A later addition was that of the C392 service which replaced the 392 from the edge of Harlow at Water Lane to Rye Park.

Vehicles are typical of what you might expect in the welfare sector and are of course all accessible. Unfortunately none carry any route or destination displays to speak of. EFCT now incorporates what was once the separate Harlow Community Transport. Usefully for the local bus operations, this name is still carried on some vehicles.

The full fleet list is not know or detailed below, the pictures representing some examples of operations seen in the town.

WEBSITE: www.efcommunitytransport.co.uk/

Essex Community Transport (ECT) is the name associated with the winning of tenders for route Monday to Saturday 381 (Harlow to Coopersale) and SB12, which provides a twice a week replacement for the previous Tuesday to Saturday 47/147 service. ECT vehicles are separate to those of EFCT.

EFCT fleet

Minibus Fleet
Examples only of some vehicles noted operated in Harlow and around.
  EK59UCO EFCT EK59UCO Silver-based Ford Transit EK59UCO was one of the first vehicles noted on the 347. (R Hudson)
ECT LY15USU This Renault Traffic was first noted in January 2019. It is one of the smaller vehicles to be seen in service. (R Hudson)   
EFCT LJ15FGX Seemingly popular with EFCT is the Mercedes  Sprinter/Bluetec. (R Hudson)
EFCT AY68VDE Another pair of Sprinters, but this time in yellow and without Ugobus branding, both featuring the name Epping Forest Community Transport instead. VDE carries further branding for Chigwell Parish Council. (R Hudson)
ECT EO16OFB And other Sprinter, this time a 513CDi Bluetec. (R. Hudson)
EFCT DX09KWO A VW noted in service is the CR50 TDI/Crafter. (R Hudson)
  YY16YXS EFCT YY16YXS A more recent VW Crafter CR50 TDI/Excel with the Harlow Community Transport name. (R Hudson)

ECT Fleet

Minibus Fleet
Examples only of some vehicles noted operated in Harlow and around.
ECT HS19YNA Renault Master / Stanford Coachworks (R. Hudson)
ECT KE19ZTM Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 514CDi. (R. Hudson)
ECT LN19TYA Mercedes-Benz Sprinter/Mellor Coachcraft Strata is a brand new and the latest addition to the fleet. It has initiated, livery-wise, the ugobus brand. (R Hudson)


Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with Treka Bus conversion LX65BJU. (R Hudson)
ECT WR58LJL Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with Treka Bus WR58LJL sports a printed route number on the vehicle's front and side. (R Hudson) 
  WH07UHM ECT WX07UHM Mercedes-Benz 515CDi / UV Modular WH07UHM (R Hudson)
ECT EU10ECD Renault Master with Stanford Conversions M10L bodywork. An older vehicle but only noted from Autumn 2018. (R Hudson)
  Peugeot Boxer

Route List - EFCT

Within Harlow:
347 Harlow to Harfield Broad Oak - 3 return journeys on Tuesday, Thursday and 1 return journey on Saturday.
HSB01 Harlow to Churchgate Street - 4 return journeys on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
HSB02 Harlow (Sainsburys) to Churchgate Street via Templefields - 2 journeys in this direction only on Thursdays
C392 Harlow to Rye Park - 10 return journeys on Monday to Friday and one return journey (Tylers Cross to Hoddesdon Sainsburys on Saturdsays.

Outside Harlow:

(See timetables page on EFCT website)


Within Harlow
381 - Harlow to Coopersale - 7 return journeys on Mondays to Fridays, 4 return journeys on Saturdays
SB12 - Harlow to Toot Hill - 1 return journey on Wednesdays and Fridays

Outside Harlow


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